Saturday, May 4, 2013

The good life and getting better mileage out of your vegetables

During the summer months we take off to the Sea of Cortez with a freezer full of rock solid meat and a fridge full of cheeses, cold cuts and fresh veg The bilges are full of dried goods and all the canned stuff we need. Once we start catching fish our diet becomes more healthy.  We bake bread twice a week and make home made pizza on the BBQ. When making the dough we divide it in 3 for the pizzas and in 2 for the bread. We then freeze what we don't use immediately. That way we can take the frozen dough out the night before and it will have risen again ready for our bake the next day. Our over ripe bananas get made into banana bread, this goes onto the BBQ after a bread or pizza bake and thus saves on propane use.

About the only cost we have besides keeping the beer locker full is fresh fruit and fresh vegetables.
Every Sunday there is a farmers produce market in Loreto and I'm sure in other places too. Initially we would only get a few days out of the fresh stuff until we started washing EVERYTHING in a solution made of colloidal silver drops and water. You can find the stuff at any supermarket in the Fruit and Veg. area. As it kills all the bacteria on the surface of the produce it will help stop you getting Moctezumas Revenge too!

We found this at SAMS club..Bakers and Chefs brand, it comes in 1/2 litre bottles too

After washing in the solution we air dry everything in a breezy shaded area before bagging it in the Evert Green bags and then refrigerate all but onions and potatoes which we keep in net bags either side of the galley. Now we can go close to 3 weeks between vegetable purchasing!

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