Friday, May 3, 2013

Stuck somewhere with a problem no one seems to be able to fix?


We offer on line consulting. Search for MexiColder on Skype  or send me a mail at and I am sure I can help you get stuff working in many cases.

I am a Marine Engineer, not a technician with a little basic knowledge. I have 36 years SOLID experience in the Marine Industry. I have overseen the construction of Yachts and Megga Yachts, sailed them, delivered them, and have professional qualifications to back all this up.

So you may ask what I'm doing building energy efficient fridges?

 I enjoy it!

 On a big steam plant you maybe dealing with 50,000 horse power and these little fridges 1/16th of a horsepower. Not much room for error, but it all works on the same heat laws and principles of thermodynamics.

 I guess it's akin to making jewelry versus building power stations?

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