Monday, May 5, 2014

A frightening/heartwarming prospective prospect depending on your point of view

If we can live on solar energy with just 500 watts of solar can anyone else and technology is advancing. So why is it that the world seems stuck in a rut when pulsed d.c. technology could cut world electrical consumption by at least 20 to 30%?
Could it possibly be that certain companies and their investors are expecting a good return on their "INVESTMENT" for the future before they destroy the planet? Naw....I didn't think so.

That would not make sense to me.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Controlling Holding Plate systems

If you have an existing holding plate system here is a simple trick that will save you amp hours. The thermostat has a built in inefficiency due to "Hysterisis" ,check it out here.


Once the refrigerative load is known it makes more sense ( pun intended) to control the system with an event timer inserted in the control circuit. This allows you to also budget your amp hours and run the system when you are getting solar input. By doing so you will partially eliminate the waste of energy transfer through you battery bank. That is solar electric to chemical to electric to mechanical. You can also arrange that the compressor which might be right under your bunk not to switch itself on in the middle of the night and ruin a good nights sleep?

Beware of cheaper timers, I have recommended this brand for years and have never heard of problems.

Making proper gas tight connections

I recently worked on a system that even being silver soldered had developed leaks. The reason this occurred is that loads on the tubing was being taken by the soldered joints not the parent tubing.  
When I build a system all the joints in the tubing are sleeved to achieve a sliding fit. I even built my own special tool to roll a few 1000's of an inch off the tubing diameter. This means that the brazing or soldering is not taking the loads and vibration. It basically just seals the joint to make a gas tight connection. 

Beware of steel condensers! The Mexicolder systems use copper condensers which cost more but will save you hassle in the long term.