Friday, November 14, 2014

New website address

Mexicolder has a new website where we can solve your issues in a few clicks.........
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Honest Refrigeration system evaluations!

Come and visit us in Mazatlan and get a COMPLIMENTARY SYSTEM EVALUATION, or 20% discount on a service call.

We will take into account your entire vessel,  batteries and energy consumption on board whilst swinging at anchor and using 35 years of real time experience and our computer generated weight averaged report you will have an accurate assessment of your existing system, box, power balance and whether it will "cut the mustard" in true tropical climes.

This program is a powerful,useful and effective tool to help those ice cubes to tinkle in the tropics while at anchor! Please note however that loads of auto pilots and navigation gear is not included in the survey as these loads differ so much due to individual vessel design and intended cruise itinerary .  
Please note too, this is just a survey and as such only deals with the static system, box and existing installation!  
If you have problems with your existing system we can help too. This is a separate issue and naturally we need to make a charge for such services. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


A friend of many years who recently read this blog suggested it might be too technical and a long read.

 Here are the points you need to consider when you want to get serious about self sufficient cruising and having everything cold or frozen without burning up a fortune sourcing gas or diesel and listening to the noise of the equipment and having to maintain it too.

* The MexiColder system is 30% less expensive than any of the off the shelf bargain basement units based on the volume of freezer space.  FACT 

* The MexiColder  system uses significantly less electrical power than the off the shelf bargain basement unit.  FACT 

* Each MexiColder system is tailored and tuned to your specific needs.  FACT 

* The MexiColder system is constructed of high quality custom built stainless steel components for the base, condenser and fan shroud, not regular painted steel. I don't care what colour you paint it, it is still regular steel and it will rust in the marine environment.  FACT 

* The MexiColder system is properly wired using marine grade components it does not use cheap telephone plug in wiring that is not rated or have any business being around salt water.  FACT 

Contact me right now. Make the correct decision so as we can schedule an appointment to sort out your refrigeration woes once and for all. Please don't be one of many sailors who tell me "Oh Boy...I wish I'd spoken to you before I shelled out bucks on stuff that does not cut the heat!...... FACT 

Friday, June 13, 2014


Study this blog and buy the MexiColder system, otherwise we gonna send Vinny around wid da blocks of Ice

Monday, May 5, 2014

A frightening/heartwarming prospective prospect depending on your point of view

If we can live on solar energy with just 500 watts of solar can anyone else and technology is advancing. So why is it that the world seems stuck in a rut when pulsed d.c. technology could cut world electrical consumption by at least 20 to 30%?
Could it possibly be that certain companies and their investors are expecting a good return on their "INVESTMENT" for the future before they destroy the planet? Naw....I didn't think so.

That would not make sense to me.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Controlling Holding Plate systems

If you have an existing holding plate system here is a simple trick that will save you amp hours. The thermostat has a built in inefficiency due to "Hysterisis" ,check it out here.


Once the refrigerative load is known it makes more sense ( pun intended) to control the system with an event timer inserted in the control circuit. This allows you to also budget your amp hours and run the system when you are getting solar input. By doing so you will partially eliminate the waste of energy transfer through you battery bank. That is solar electric to chemical to electric to mechanical. You can also arrange that the compressor which might be right under your bunk not to switch itself on in the middle of the night and ruin a good nights sleep?

Beware of cheaper timers, I have recommended this brand for years and have never heard of problems.

Making proper gas tight connections

I recently worked on a system that even being silver soldered had developed leaks. The reason this occurred is that loads on the tubing was being taken by the soldered joints not the parent tubing.  
When I build a system all the joints in the tubing are sleeved to achieve a sliding fit. I even built my own special tool to roll a few 1000's of an inch off the tubing diameter. This means that the brazing or soldering is not taking the loads and vibration. It basically just seals the joint to make a gas tight connection. 

Beware of steel condensers! The Mexicolder systems use copper condensers which cost more but will save you hassle in the long term.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Recent call outs to vessels with dual systems that are burning double amp hours brings me to to write this post. 

The BD series of Danfoss compressors used in the Mexicolder system are extremely reliable when properly installed. It irks and troubles me when I see installs where two systems are used when in reality it can be done with one well designed install. The insulation on many boxes I recently checked just won't cut it in tropical heat. Water cooled systems give no end of headaches as crustacian growth within the cooling system is a constant problem when air cooling works fine.
For sea water cooled systems I have suggested using and returning your fresh water from your tanks as long as they are metallic and of sufficient size and can dissipate the heat. In short you wont notice the heat inside the vessel. The radiant heat of the sun is 1000's of time of that produced by a constant cycling reefer system using the BD series compressor.

 So if I have met you and helped reduce your amp load, please be sure to tell your friends coming down on the next Ha Ha so as they can make the right choice and go with a Mexicolder and thus not have to buy two systems and pay for the fuel to run them for many years to come.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Box Building

The beautiful box work you see on this blog is the product of  "Construcciones de Fibra de Vidrio" here in Mazatlan .  You contract them and you compensate them directly. There are other contractors that can be found in the Mazatlan Cruisers Guide, but over the years people will confirm that these guys do the best work and actually show up, but not always on time!

Rescue Refrigeration provides consultation services for design and function so that the resulting enclosure will ensure that the MexicolderTM system will function correctly.  

Saturday, February 15, 2014

80% more frozen storage!

I should make it clear that the Mexicolder system gives you 80% more frozen storage than off the shelf "bargain basement" units. Oh, and it uses less power than those guys too, why? Because it is finely tuned instead of being built from a box of off the shelf parts. So in reality when you do your math it costs no more and will soon start paying for itself quicker than a mass produced unit with leak prone quick connects.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Marine Surveying Services

Should you have the need of a Marine Surveyor whilst in Mexican waters please give me a call. I am Recognized by Lloyds of London, all U.S. Insurance Companies and all the Banks and Finance companies too.