Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Recent call outs to vessels with dual systems that are burning double amp hours brings me to to write this post. 

The BD series of Danfoss compressors used in the Mexicolder system are extremely reliable when properly installed. It irks and troubles me when I see installs where two systems are used when in reality it can be done with one well designed install. The insulation on many boxes I recently checked just won't cut it in tropical heat. Water cooled systems give no end of headaches as crustacian growth within the cooling system is a constant problem when air cooling works fine.
For sea water cooled systems I have suggested using and returning your fresh water from your tanks as long as they are metallic and of sufficient size and can dissipate the heat. In short you wont notice the heat inside the vessel. The radiant heat of the sun is 1000's of time of that produced by a constant cycling reefer system using the BD series compressor.

 So if I have met you and helped reduce your amp load, please be sure to tell your friends coming down on the next Ha Ha so as they can make the right choice and go with a Mexicolder and thus not have to buy two systems and pay for the fuel to run them for many years to come.


Thanks for taking the time to comment, problems shared are problems halved