Wednesday, June 18, 2014


A friend of many years who recently read this blog suggested it might be too technical and a long read.

 Here are the points you need to consider when you want to get serious about self sufficient cruising and having everything cold or frozen without burning up a fortune sourcing gas or diesel and listening to the noise of the equipment and having to maintain it too.

* The MexiColder system is 30% less expensive than any of the off the shelf bargain basement units based on the volume of freezer space.  FACT 

* The MexiColder  system uses significantly less electrical power than the off the shelf bargain basement unit.  FACT 

* Each MexiColder system is tailored and tuned to your specific needs.  FACT 

* The MexiColder system is constructed of high quality custom built stainless steel components for the base, condenser and fan shroud, not regular painted steel. I don't care what colour you paint it, it is still regular steel and it will rust in the marine environment.  FACT 

* The MexiColder system is properly wired using marine grade components it does not use cheap telephone plug in wiring that is not rated or have any business being around salt water.  FACT 

Contact me right now. Make the correct decision so as we can schedule an appointment to sort out your refrigeration woes once and for all. Please don't be one of many sailors who tell me "Oh Boy...I wish I'd spoken to you before I shelled out bucks on stuff that does not cut the heat!...... FACT 


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