Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Honest Refrigeration system evaluations!

Come and visit us in Mazatlan and get a COMPLIMENTARY SYSTEM EVALUATION, or 20% discount on a service call.

We will take into account your entire vessel,  batteries and energy consumption on board whilst swinging at anchor and using 35 years of real time experience and our computer generated weight averaged report you will have an accurate assessment of your existing system, box, power balance and whether it will "cut the mustard" in true tropical climes.

This program is a powerful,useful and effective tool to help those ice cubes to tinkle in the tropics while at anchor! Please note however that loads of auto pilots and navigation gear is not included in the survey as these loads differ so much due to individual vessel design and intended cruise itinerary .  
Please note too, this is just a survey and as such only deals with the static system, box and existing installation!  
If you have problems with your existing system we can help too. This is a separate issue and naturally we need to make a charge for such services. 


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