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Mexicolder Builds superior Tropical yacht refrigeration systems.

 Our systems were designed by a Marine Refrigeration Engineer and have been proven over a fifteen year period aboard many cruising yacht to truly handle the grueling conditions of the Sea of Cortez, Mexico  where the summer day time temperatures may exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit and occasionally reach 120 degrees F. The industry now recognises what we have been saying for years, Nigel Calder Changes his mind!

Excerpts from "Cold Comfort" Jan 2004 Sail Magazine:

  "For a decade or more I have been an advocate of high-capacity DC holding plate refrigeration for cruising boats. I've recommended such systems to numerous people, have designed them or a number of boats, and have installed them on my own boats. But the technology has changed, and with it my cost/benefit analysis of different refrigeration options. Now I'm faced with having to ignore my own advice." "...I believe the balance has shifted in favor of constant-cycling DC refigeration, even on a hard-core cruising boat." 

About Mexicolder Systems: Our systems utilize the vapor /pressure system and a double air cooled condenser that keeps the high pressure down and thus the amp load too. We can offer custom installation in Mazatlan. Dealers and installers in other ports are welcome to contact us. Other systems on the market use user installable "Quick Connects" between the evaporator plate and the compressor. Over time the vibration, heat, and constant motion on a boat in the tropics take their toll on user installable "quick connect" fittings. These "Quick Connect" fittings begin to leak, which allows the compressor to suck in moist hot air, which destroys the compressor. We have replaced the "quick connects" for numberous cruisers in out of the way places, where there would normaly not have been a refigeration technician available. We believe that long term dependability and increased efficiency are paramount by having connections brazed instead of unsing leak prone "quick connects". All Mexicolder units utilize brazed copper phosphorous connections instead.

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