Thursday, November 7, 2013

Read the small print

It seems at times that trusted and proven solid engineering fact goes by the wayside to some? This past summer we had all the ice cold drinks, frozen food and the luxury that makes life so so much better and we didn't need to run a generator 99.99% of the time to do so. Please don't mistake me for some tree-hugger, I just find a certain peace when energy is flowing at it's natural rate. 

Most all the other cruisers we met had to run their main engines, find diesel and / or gasoline, listen to the noise, maintain the beast and heat up the interior of their vessels which required them to drink even more beer or sugary drinks thus increasing their waistlines and depleting their cruising funds. Figure $5 minimum a day in fuel x 365 = $ 1825.00 a year, now take a cruise for 5 years and the oil well will have sucked $ 9125. 00 out of your kitty.....just to keep the lights on....Makes Motel 6 look like the bargain it was eh?  We did have to use our Honda 650 for a couple of days when tropical storm Juliette graced us with copious rain and cloudy days. We burnt a staggering 6 litres of gasoline which cost us $6.00, that was it for the entire 5 month cruise! Having been sailing, cruising and micro managing a green type lifestyle that enables us to eventually macro manage our chosen path of living off the grid for 32 years we could  have spent $58,400.00 in fossil fuel alone just to keep the lights on and that's not including interest, depreciation, purchasing new equipment, maintaining it, hauling fuel and listening to noise.  An ever increasing entropy. 
The next step is chaos. 

When the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future. 

No wonder the world has gone nuts and all you wanted was a cold drink?

Unless you have an efficient refrigeration system coupled with a balanced solar array you WILL fall foul and end up being a fossil fuel junkie. So paying attention to having enough insulation and installing the most power efficient refrigeration equipment such as the 
MexiColder will pay dividends over the years.  I didn't write this blog to steer you the wrong way. Energy aboard is at a premium and here is the hog you don't want on

Simple, quiet and Efficient removal of heat is what we achieve with MexiColder Tropical Systems.  

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